About Illuminate

If you are working all day and focusing on your family/friends after hours, where do you meet influential women?  Where do get to know powerful women?  What is your system for building an advocacy of professional women who are willing and able to assist you?  Illuminate is your answer!

Illuminate was created with the understanding that in most organizations, women are an untapped leadership resource. Illuminate events serve as a gateway for women to prepare for success in their careers. At Illuminate, we recognize that valuing the differing skills of women and men, make any organization more successful. Illuminate was created as a vehicle to stack the odds in your favor through a strong network of working women united in the cause of becoming better and contributing more.
Illuminate Attendees:

  • Sharpen leadership skills
  • Increase their influence
  • Raise their confidence
  • Become inspired through real-life advice
  • Acquire tools they can apply to their own upward mobility – personal and professional
  • Overcome inertia – Learn about the excitement, challenges, opportunities, and rewards of true leadership

“Women thrive when provided targeted training and coaching. Illuminate reinforces business, career, and community development in an environment designed to complement an employee’s existing leadership. This is a win-win scenario for everyone!”
— Katie Holland – Illuminate Founder