Tiffany Hill

Security National Mortgage

Tiffany Hill was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Having served in many roles throughout her life, Tiffany considers herself a visionary. She can see things beyond herself due to the triumphs and tragedies she has personally endured. She hopes to create environments where all men and women can learn their true purpose in this life and bask in that glory. When Tiffany learned of Illuminate, she realized it was a perfect relationship to not only achieve that goal, but to surround herself with a community who would support and celebrate with her. Tiffany has 4 children, ages from 13-19. She has been married to her fairytale of 8 years. She has been in the Cosmetology industry for 22 years. Tiffany has been a hairstylist and makeup artist, salon owner, and a cosmetology instructor to students. She worked very hard to become a national educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems for professional stylists. She was able to perform and teach current trends in the industry in front of small and large audiences. Along the road, she maintained her education by attending some of the biggest national and international trade shows in the beauty industry. Networking and perserverance allowed her to work behind the scenes at Sundance, the Academy Awards, MTV music awards, BET awards, and the Emmys. Tiffany has taken her knowledge, vision, and passion to Security National Mortgage. What?! Yes, they are making amazing strides in their industry. Her job is to provide counsel to the Marketing Department for company cultural events. These events will allow the company to unify, innovate, and grow nationwide. I’m not a runner, but I know I have the strength to reach the finish line and cross it. They may have to send out search and rescue, but I would cross it. That’s confidence I’d love to see everyone attain. My goal is not only to cross a finish line, but to help others cross it. As an inexperienced runner I may require education, time, and training to prepare. We are all on different courses with unique strengths and weaknesses. Where I can sprint, others may need a break and vice versa. Recognizing we are all at different paces is the key to celebrating our successes. Confidence has no competition.

We are continually influenced and affected by the many women in our lives. Some nurture and protect us, some educate, support and inspire, and others are examples of resilience and perseverance. All are to be celebrated for their countless, unique contributions to our families, businesses, communities and lives. I am proud that we are able to support and be involved with a driving force for enlightenment and empowerment. Striving to improve our lives through sharing, learning and growing is vital to our sustained happiness and success.