Donna Foster

Fuel Marketing

Donna Lifsey-Foster is a partner/owner of Fuel Marketing based in Salt Lake City. With over 20 years of advertising experience in the Utah market, Donna has worked in management for many top-ranked newspaper, radio and television media organizations. Her dedication to providing successful advertising campaigns allowed her the opportunity to create an in-house advertising agency to market well-known restaurants, commercial real estate companies and high-end clothing retailers. Donna has also served as both a board member and president of the Utah Advertising Federation, as well as the national American Advertising Federation. Over the years, Donna is most proud of her accomplishment in co-creating Fuel Marketing, launched in March of 2003. As a partner/co-owner of Fuel, Donna works strategically to help grow the many local and regional accounts, as well as supporting the day-to- day operations of an advertising agency with annual billings of $15 million. Donna lives in Holladay, where you may find her, with her husband Jon and her son Hayes, walking their large Old English bulldog named Frank and their little Brussels Griffon named Jack.